Lumin™ plywood – a sustainable alternative

Lumin plywood is a range of competitive, certified, environmentally friendly and socially responsible wood products from Weyerhaeuser.

Available through Altripan, Lumin is only sold through distributors that can demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainable practices. 

 Produced using trees from responsibly managed plantations, Lumin plywood is manufactured at Weyerhaeuser’s state-of-the-art mill in Uruguay, which operates with ISO 14001 certification and FSC Chain of Custody. The sustainable and performance credentials of Lumin plywood are well proven, with FSC certification available and all panels fully compliant with CE2+ certification.

Lumin plywood is supplied in a choice of eucalyptus or pine faced plywood and 14 different grades, including tropical replacement grade panels. The broad span of grades makes Lumin suited to most applications, particularly residential structural and non-structural requirements, concrete forming, furniture, cabinet, millwork and flooring.
A Lumin eucalyptus tropical replacement panel (TRP) is also available, offering a sustainable alternative to tropical and temperate hardwood plywood. 

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Why choose Lumin™?

Aesthetics - available with eucalyptus or pine faces, Lumin plywood panels have proprietary grade faces developed from TECO and IHPA definitions.

Environmental features - highly productive forestlands meet supply demands while utilizing less land and retaining more carbon than previous uses.

Available and sustainable - in 2008 Weyerhaeuser planted more than 6 million seedlings in Uruguay and continues to plant more than we use.

Value - Lumin plywood is not only designed and certified to meet the demands of modern wood industries but is competitively priced in the market.

Performance - lightweight, flat and strong define the characteristics of Lumin plywood. A modern mill and high quality materials add up to high-performance panels.