Altripan has helped their Chinese plywood supplier with their FSC certification

Altripan, a Belgian company making wooden boards, has actively helped one of their main Chinese plywood suppliers to get FSC certified. The importer – with operations in Antwerp and Tilbury (UK) – convinced its Chinese partner of the importance of certification and has helped them intensively to obtain their certification.

Altripan is committed to offer the broadest range as possible in FSC certified wooden board, coming from responsibly managed forests. By working in close alliance with its important suppliers, Altripan aims at further increasing its FSC turnover, which is already high. Their intense support towards their Chinese partner Suzhou Kai Wah was recently rewarded when the company achieved FSC certification. Thanks to this development, Altripan can now supply FSC certified plywood from China on the European market, which – as a European first – also carries the Frog logo of the Rainforest Alliance. Duroply® is a high quality hardwood plywood which can be used for both constructive and non-constructive applications.

Koen De Witte (CEO Altripan): “We were convinced from the start as an importer we needed to take an active role in this. Both Suzhou Kai Wah and our company have done quite some efforts to get certified. Convincing our Chinese partner about the need was a process on itself, which was followed by an intensive support to put their FSC Chain of Custody certification in place. But clearly now both parties are pleased with the result.”

Altripan has the ambition to further increase its FSC certified assortment and has entered into a partnership with FSC Belgium and FSC Netherlands. This close collaboration should lead to a further increase of the volumes of FSC certified plywood on the European market.